Alectrona? Felidae?

When I decided to create a WordPress journal and clicked the register button, the first line I saw was what my address would be. I couldn’t think of any, and my previous blogs’ addresses were of my real name. I tried matahari, but it was already used.

Until I came up with alectronafelidae.

As weird as it may be, what in the world is exactly alectronafelidae? Well it consisted of two words, two very random words, to be exact. Alectrona and Felidae.

Alectrona is a Greek mythology deity, said to be the daughter of Helios and Rhodes. Helios is the personification of Sun, while Rhodes is the goddess of the island of Rhodes. Alectrona here is the goddess of morning/sunrise/dawn, of waking up, and thus, the goddess of sun. It is not that I am seeking for Apotheosis (I’ve just finished reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, hehe) or I am comparing myself to a mythical deity, it’s that my name is the bahasa Indonesia for “light”. That is why I often use the terms of sun, light, (or occasionally, fire) to symbolize myself. As I mentioned in my About page, I have interest in several mythologies and culture. When I look up for the symbolization of sun/light/anything related, I found Surya (the Hindi solar deity), which is also the bahasa Indonesia for sun – and is a common name used in Indonesia. Naming my blog as Surya would sound somehow masculine in the ears of Indonesians. I found Apollo, the Olympian God for Sun, and also the God of light, alongside with poetry, prophecy, healing, plague, and music. It is far too great to just symbolize “light”. I also found Selene, the personification of moon in Greek mythology and I actually adore it, but it would be too feminine for a not-so-feminine me. I also found Agni, which is the Hindi God of Fire. But then again, like many of the beautiful names in the Hindi mythology, it is also a common name in Indonesia, and I don’t want to be mistakenly introduced myself in a different name. Thus I stumble upon Alectrona, and I fell in love.

Felidae is the family of cats. I love felines. From the small, little, cutesy ones to the huge and daring big cats. I love domestic cats, I love lions and lionesses. If I were to be reborn as an animal, I’ll beg that I were a Felid. Their poise is just so elegantly intimidating, their voice roars – and sometimes hisses, like the cats – so extravagantly loud, their furs so enchantingly beautiful. I specifically like it when they walk. Be it a domestic cat or a big cat, there is this strong yet sleek movement of their hips and their front legs. It’s as if they are proudly walking on this earth. And for my love for cats, I chose felidae.

Ta-da! AlectronaFelidae. Light-Cats. What?


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