I often lament and curse people. Humans. I just don’t think that our race is responsible for our doings, and our actions are just…..inhumane. However, the people I am referring to in this very post are the people around me, people who are there behind my back, people who are always supporting me no matter what.

This is for you guys.

Later this day, I faced one of the shittiest facts and dilemma in my life. I have to choose either to bail out from a conference which I have stuck on for almost a year by now and have the opportunity cost as high as hell and work my ass off of it or stick to the conference but eternally feel disgraced by myself and my family.

Long story short, I have this very nice friend of mine who are willing to hear my blabbers and my thoughts and my rants. He’s there to comfort me. He gave the nicest of words and the most comforting of advice. I know him only for a short while, but frankly speaking, I am truly, truly grateful to know someone like him.

Then I come to think of other people. We are sometimes too busy and too occupied with all the fast-paced things moving around us that we often forget the little simple things that support you to keep on going. We are sometimes too busy achieving, we are sometimes too busy thinking ahead and trying so hard to change the way we are now. We are sometimes too busy chasing the big picture – that we often forget the things that are around us.

I, personally, am too busy looking for what I can achieve, what I can obtain in this global community, that I often forgot those people around me. I feel such a pity for myself that only in breakdowns and down moments like this, do I remember these things. Well, they say, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone, do you? I wholeheartedly support and agree to this sentence.

When you are in despair, in the most bottom part of your life, you start to value and adore the little details you have always skipped in your fast-paced life. You passed through the smiles of strangers on the street, the little chats the high school teenagers in the angkot were talking, the rusting signs of the road, the bumpings on the road you took daily to campus. They seemed to be unimportant, meaningless. But when you find serenity – oddly enough, in your own despair – you will cherish these little meaningless things. You will unconsciously find interest among them.

Moreover, you will find affections and caring in the most unsuspected people. You will find friendliness on the security guard that watches over you in the campus’ lobby. You will find an odd silly talks among your daily visit to the supermarket. You will find the wise talks among your bestfriends’ laughs and humor. You will find that many people, out there, are watching over you, constantly supporting your back, holding your hands whenever the hands are starting to tremble and shake. You will find love and joy among the people around you, and by then, you finally know the joy of living, the art of taking it all slowly but secure, and the people. The people who are always there. All this time.

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