Trip of A Lifetime

Hi. Me again!

I am now writing my post from Abu Dhabi International Airport, am currently waiting for my next plane to JFK Airport, New York. And………what on earth am I doing here in Abu Dhabi?

Okay, so for the last 3 months or so I have been busy because of my participation in an international university conference, Harvard National Models United Nation 2012 (HNMUN 2012). It is a simulation of a UN conference held in Boston Park Plaza Hotel by Harvard University. It is one of my biggest achievement so far, I have passed 7 months of selection process which forces me to employ my english skill until the very end. It contains presentation, essay making, caucus simulation, and interviews. I am so tired. But knowing what I’ll have in return, I’m contempted šŸ™‚

Sooooo, the conference is at 16-19th February, and I’m going to the USA in February 13th……..which is today. It is now halfway to JFK, am departing in 10.00-ish, which is still 6,5 more hours.

So far, the trip has been super awesome. (I am not referring to the very tiring lengthy and stressing sponsorship searching, though). I departed from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi at 18.40, but I went to the airport at 14.30-ish. When I arrived, a flock of red-sweater-wearing people are at Hoka Hoka Bento, so I went there. We had a little chitchat, a little checking, preparation to go, and so on and so forth.

Well, long story short, we are already on board. We used Etihad Airways – which is, super nice and I got seat number 17D. Next to me was an old Indonesian lady – guessing that she’s a TKW, but, won’t dare to say so. My friend was at another row an another seat that he is sitting beside a stranger, and he wanted to sit next to me. He succeed! Yeay! So, I spent my 6 hours flight surrounded by my fellow friends – a new experience for me, that is.

Etihad Airways exceeds my expectation. 1) I like their uniform. It is somehow still professional, yet classy, and still cultural 2) their In-Flight entertainment was amazing! I haven’t had the chance to watch In Time and Rise of The Planet of The Apes and Puss in Boots, but because the in-flight entertainment offers you all this, I watched them. They can even do inter-seat chat and call. That’s cool……… 3) one of my felow delegate, Ezra Priya, is having his birthday today! yeayyy! The flight attendants were nice and they were supportive. They agreed to make a surprise for Ezra. They brought 4 very classy champagne glass, decorated with strawberries, and filled with orange juices – oh snap! maybe it’s because we’re underage ._. – and wake Ezra up brutally. We sang a song in his seat, and it was successful! Ezra was surprised! 4) THEIR FOOD IS AMAZING. First meal we have, the main course, was super delicious. We have oven-baked chicken in soya sauce with noodles and vegetables, which was super good, I am serious. We can choose from 3 choices, which is Nasi with beef (supposedlyy mirip rendang), our chicken, and the last is vegetarian choice, the ravioli with spinach. Second meal is dessert, we can choose between chocolate mousse and apple crumble. THE APPLE CRUMBLE IS HEAVENLY. Although the flight attendant took it when I was away šŸ˜„ Third was cup noodles/chicken rendang sandwich. We can also ask for literally anything (possible during the flight) and they would gladly help us.

I was having a great time in the 6-hours flight. Maybe some troubles with crying little babies and loudly-snoring guy across the aisle, but generally, it is super awesome šŸ™‚

After this, I will be going to JFK where I will take subway to the departing bus terminal to Boston in which we will have the conference.

That is all for today, I am quite sleepy, imma get some sleep.

You all good luck with your doings! šŸ™‚

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