In Between

Everything that happened a week ago seems dreamy. Everything that happened a week ago seems distant.

Sitting in my friend’s room, with dozens of economics and finance papers lying untouched beside me, I am currently struggling to avoid social networking sites and – truthfully -, this website. Missing 2 weeks of classes, I am supposed to catch up lessons and quizzes. Plus, tomorrow is mid-test exam. And I dare say my progress is…..30%ish.

I have suffered from jetlag earlier. I spent the last 3 days trying to adjust my biological hours. A 12-hours timezone difference is one hard thing to live with! Midnight here means morning there. And vice versa. So, I spent my nights widely awake, tweeting this and that, editing pictures, reading things; and my mornings trying my best not to sleep. I usually can stay fresh and productive until 14.00. At 15.00-17.00, you’ll end up talking to a zombie.

Worse than jetlag is the sudden-lifestyle-change. Usually, a day I spent $10-$15-ish for food. Here, a usual meal cost about Rp10.000……which is..$1. But I still have my US living cost mindset here. So…. I become very, very careless with my daily allowance. For the last 3 days, I spent Rp300.000, while usually I spent half, or even less.

The last 2 weeks have been surreal, have been extremely enchanting and fun.

I am still not here. My body is fully here. Physically, I am present. My mind is still somewhere in between. Not here, nor there.


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