My camera’s dead.

I’ve been using Canon PowerShot G11 for about four years by now. It’s a very convenient camera, and compact as well. It might not be as slim as those digital cameras, but its utility and function is much much more complete. It might not produce as good images as SLR cameras, but in an unskilled hand like mine, SLR cameras won’t yield better pictures than my G11, I can assure you.

For me, camera is not about the gadget itself, not about the technology, but about the time spent with the camera itself until you can utilize and use the best out of it. It is about where it has accompanied you, about how it can perfectly freeze your memories, about what moments it captured, and about how much your life has been stored safely from behind that lens.

And yes, my G11 means a lot to me.

It has captured the sunny and fun Belitong beaches, along with its beautiful sunsets and gigantic rocks. It has captured my lifelong dream; being in London. Capturing the red phone booths and double decker buses of London, capturing Sherlock Holmes’ statue in Baker Street, the Underground stations, the Westminster Abbey, and the magnificent Hampton Court. It has been safely hung on my neck when I took a bicycle ride around Lucern, and readily snapped shots of Lake Lucern and the hills of Switzerland. It has been my date when I was strolling around in Paris, seeing couples here and there, taking pictures of Eiffel and the romance of Paris. It accompanied me during my boring school hours and sad farewells. It has actually worked with me in SBM ITB Golf Tournament 2011 as my documentation kit. It has captured the bright lights of Times Square, the dreamy Smithsonian, the windy boat trip to Liberty Island, the warmth of Boston, the debates and all the fusses in Historical General Assembly, and securely kept safe in my backpack along the way in the States.

Name all the great trips I’ve ever had in my life, and expect to see G11 around me.

You have been a very, very great and loyal companion, G11. You will be missed.




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