New York, New York!

“I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps…”

Sinatra’s song accompanied me in my steps when I stroll around New York. I was at the crossroads of the world, they say. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of, they say. Was it really that amazing? Or was it just a hyperbole to give the sweet tunes additional meaning and sense?

I always found Europe interesting and so-very-attractive. Europe has all the things I love; enchanting history, magnificent landscapes, vast culture and lifestyle. What I love most is that at the same time, I could feel the city’s medieval-ish atmosphere (and imagine how the city was in the 16th century) and at the same time feel the city’s modern and advanced technology. Meanwhile, I have never felt the same way about the USA. I have always thought that NYC is just a big, busy city, and seemed to be unwelcome to visitors.

So, after about 5 days in New York City, does the thought change?

Well, I have to say…I sorta fell in love with it.

There’s something about NY that makes me feel so energetic. Well, how could I not when the Times Square billboards 24/7 projects bright advertisements to those who pass through? The streets are always busy, flooded with people of different styles and races. That’s another thing about NYC! You could meet caucasians, african-americans, asians, and latinos on your short walk from the Cube at 5th Avenue to Macy’s at the 6th & 34th. All sorts of diverse races seemed to be there in NYC.
My impression on NY being a busy city is indeed true. Try going out at 2 in the morning to Times Square, you’ll still meet a whole load of people! Try going out at work hours to the Wall Street and on weekends to Macy’s, too. But being busy is not at all bad, isn’t it?

The transportation…well I had a bad experience with it at the first time. The subway is not informative and confusing. Compared to Singapore’s MRT, it is much, much larger and complex. Singapore’s much better in terms of route clearness and cleanliness. Compared to London’s Underground train system – which is also large and complex -, NYC’s is much confusing. Would prefer London’s. But you’ll get used to it after several trips – and several times getting lost. Ooh, the yellow cabs! We’ve always watched and relate NY with yellow cabs on the movies, right? It is indeed abundant on the streets of NYC, you could spot them so easily. And it is indeed hard to call a cab. Tried calling one, and had to sadly see five empty cabs passed through me. The city’s street plan is also very convenient. Everything was so in order that I wasn’t scared of getting lost. You could easily find addresses, thanks to the avenue and street numbering.

About the food, well I’m not the culinary-hunter type of traveler, thus I didn’t get to taste different foods. But I specifically love this Middle-Eastern street food stall Halal Guys. (Seriously, writing its name even makes me hungry). It’s gyro+lamb+chicken+falafel+bread+every other good Middle Eastern thing. For you guys planning to go to New York, please do eat some Halal Guys. For my sake.

About shopping – nah, I can’t tell you. I shopped…………….at Hershey’s and convenience stores. Not at  Macy’s nor at Swatch nor Century 21 nor any of the high-end-5th-Avenue-shops. So, you’re asking the wrong person if you wish to know where-to-shop in NYC.

Another thing – Central Park. The iconic Central Park. Hectares of trees and lake amidst the many skyscrapers of New York. Central Park is very nice indeed. There are just too many cute kids on Central Park. There are just too many cute dogs on Central Park. Too many places for cute-cuddly-couples as well. Too many places for everything.

New York is vast, diverse, fast-paced, busy city. But as interesting, as inspiring, as amazing as it is. Well, what can you say, after all, it’s the “top of the list, head of the heap”, correct?


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