Do’s and Don’ts in Love.

by Smarahakim, Alectronafelidae, and Aghniadi.

  • Don’t say that you love someone until she kisses you/
  • Do play with love – have fun with it
  • Don’t be moody with your feelings
  • Be cute together.
  • Don’t say “I’m will not scoring your English” (in reference to a certain lecturer.)
  • Don’t say “Mau jadi pacar gue gak?” It’s uncool. And mainstream.
  • Don’t say that you still care about me but don’t love me – or simply, just don’t say that you don’t love me anymore.
  • But, do say I don’t love you anymore rather than leave someone hanging on.
  • But, if you really have to say I don’t love you, be easy on him.
  • Do create Oddisey script – Romance genre – based on your own love story
  • Do realize that love is like Capital Punishment – you can be shot at, or hung. (HA!)

Sutan: Saya mau cari pacar nih.

  • Don’t care with other people’s judgment
  • Do give special treatments to the special someone
  • Don’t say aku-kamu ke semua cowok
  • Don’t address your lover with “darl”

Aghniadi: Yea. Sure. It’s so… two thousand and something

  • Don’t call each other cupcakes


  • Don’t be “over-rommated” – overrated, and over-romantic.
  • Do ask your significant-other-to-be to write stories

Cahya: THIS IS SUPER CUTE. Wow. She’s a pro.
Sutan: “I’m dealing with a pro.” – Barney-ish style

  • Do know how to deal with a pro.

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