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I found out that I am easily intimidated. How could I not, when I am surrounded by all these awesome people, awe-inspiring people, breathtaking, and (simply) amazing people?



in love.

by Smarahakim and Alectronafelidae.

(This wasn’t meant to be published online, but……)

  • Do go to the museum if the girl wanted to go to the frikkin museum
  • Don’t fall in love with your singer. nor dancer.
  • Do spend nights on DC with Norah Jones playing on your iPod
  • Do fall in love in a hopeless place.

So, last night I had some sort of psychopathic dream. It was like I had some sort of fight with a group of bad guys – or was it zombies? Well, not so sure whether it’s zombie or another thing, but it’s hell tense. I was in a team with my friends and family. And I was being the badass. All people used bare hands and fists, and I brought with me a handful of forks and knives. And I was killing them with those things. Tossing the utensils around to people, command the attack, and kill those bad people.


Could this be a sign of my inner-psychopathic-self?

Dalam pertandingan final SBM 2014 vs FMIPA 2011.

Seorang anak 2014: BAYGON! BAYGON!
Cahya, Santhy         : Hah? Kenapa Baygon?
Seorang anak 2014: Abis tadi anak FMIPA-nya neriakin dia Tomcat kak. Jadi dilawan Baygon deh.
*Cahya, Santhy hening sesaat*