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I found out that I am easily intimidated. How could I not, when I am surrounded by all these awesome people, awe-inspiring people, breathtaking, and (simply) amazing people?



“……But we contribute significantly to the nation’s economy. Wkwk”

I have the most abnormal relationship with the weirdest boyfriend. Ha!
Isn’t that the nicest thing of all?

in love.

by Smarahakim and Alectronafelidae.

(This wasn’t meant to be published online, but……)

  • Do go to the museum if the girl wanted to go to the frikkin museum
  • Don’t fall in love with your singer. nor dancer.
  • Do spend nights on DC with Norah Jones playing on your iPod
  • Do fall in love in a hopeless place.

So, last night I had some sort of psychopathic dream. It was like I had some sort of fight with a group of bad guys – or was it zombies? Well, not so sure whether it’s zombie or another thing, but it’s hell tense. I was in a team with my friends and family. And I was being the badass. All people used bare hands and fists, and I brought with me a handful of forks and knives. And I was killing them with those things. Tossing the utensils around to people, command the attack, and kill those bad people.


Could this be a sign of my inner-psychopathic-self?

Dalam pertandingan final SBM 2014 vs FMIPA 2011.

Seorang anak 2014: BAYGON! BAYGON!
Cahya, Santhy         : Hah? Kenapa Baygon?
Seorang anak 2014: Abis tadi anak FMIPA-nya neriakin dia Tomcat kak. Jadi dilawan Baygon deh.
*Cahya, Santhy hening sesaat*