Things that are bizarrely comfortable:

  1. Burping
  2. The silence after a fruitful and thoughtful conversation
  3. Emails.
  4. Watching deer/antelopes getting killed/caught by a big cat after a vigorous struggle
  5. Documentaries
  6. Watching documentaries about the fall in Wall Street in 2008
  7. Observing a repeated cycle in a factory/workshops/machines/those things.
  8. Getting a high-score in the Pinball game in a school PC
  9. Getting a 100% win percentage in Solitaire
  10. Watching Hyenas getting scared off by lions. #TEAMLIONS
  11. Winning a(n unimportant) debate (i.e. road turns, name of a long-forgotten actress, levels of spicy wings)
  12. Able to solve a crime in a detective novel before the main character solve it/a mathematics problem taught in high school 2 years ago about derivatives/an online click & drag mystery flash game/…/solving something.
  13. Museums.

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