Ego; Εγώ

Me me me me me. Sometimes I just think that I am too egocentric.

I came to this thought when I was talking to a friend, earlier today. I was reminding him to attend classes, noting that in the previous semester, his attendance was very, very low. I took a 10-minutes walk from SBM building (northernmost side building in my campus) to the ATM center (southernmost side one). In that 10-minutes long conversation, in the middle of the conversation, I realized that I wasn’t chatting with him; I was preaching.

I am not a good listener. My high school bestfriend once said that we were like water. He would be the oxygen, and I would be the hydrogen atoms. He meant that every time we talked, I would be the one who takes up about 80% of the total speaking time. (We were studying stoichiometry back then, and we had just learned the 1:8 – or was it 1:6? – ratio of hydrogen and oxygen mass. Or some sort. You get the point.) Ha.

When my friends ask me for my opinion for a problem, I would probably end up in giving advice by comparing myself to them. I would probably say “well, um, I think that you should do this because once I did that and I succeed. Anyway, it ended up with me being this and thus you should do that.”

Another friend of mine would whine and give me that look-in-the-face when I say to him “dude, I have this story to share to you!!”

So then I thought, I should really stop. I should really try being the listener. I should really try to listen to others.


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