Proposal & all that stuff

This is perhaps a childish thought.

I am currently watching the famous “Meme Wedding Proposal” of that couple in Kuala Lumpur. Few weeks ago my peers were viral for the flashmob wedding proposal @ PIM. A week ago a friend of mine talked about marriage. Today, my friend’s friend is marrying. Wedding and marriage has been discussed for several times in me & my close friends’ daily chit-chat.

My friend said that her parents want her to be married at most one year after she’s graduated – which is next year. Another said that her parents would want her to marry soon. Another said that he wants to get married after pursuing his career and get himself a good deal of money. Another said that she never thought about marriage and isn’t planning for one.

I don’t know for sure, but, marriage, wedding, and all those stuff seems to be in trend nowadays.

Well, I know that I am far too young to think about marriage – and so not wish to have it soon. But, the idea of marrying somehow terrifies me. You know…it is terrifying but at the same time pretty.

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