Asia, part II

I know that in my previous post I wrote “I love Asia” I do, I really do. However I noticed some qualities of us Asians that are really need to be improved.

So as I’ve told you before, I am now in AUN Educational Forum where I interact with students and lecturers from ASEAN+3 (Japan, Korea, and China) Nations. The culture and the lifestyle I felt here is……well how to put it? Say, so Eastern.

Okay so here are the qualities.

Firstly, I hate it so much on how our people are not attentive and appreciative to people who are speaking in front. I hate it so much on how we often sleep during presentation and lectures. I hate it so much on how we often talk loudly with the ones sitting beside us during a speech. I hate it so much that we don’t even care and won’t even bulge to change it.

Secondly, we have had too much Eastern Sincerity. Seriously. We have too many tea breaks. We have too many spare time. We have too many time scheduled for socializing, without even focusing on the forum/conference itself. Socializing is good, I wholeheartedly agree. Well, I am not saying that it is wrong, but I think it is incomplete should we go to a competition, moreover international ones, but without making friends and socialize with the others. However, I think it is excessive if we inefficiently use our limited time and even more, use all those precious times and productive hours for tea breaks. Dude, like seriously! I have had enough tea breaks already.

Thirdly, time. efficiency. I intentionally use bold, italic, and underlined words there to stress out my point. Relevant to my second point, I do think that sometimes we use too much time to do these socializing parts that we even forget our main goal when we came here. Perhaps we do it to please our guests, but please do mind the time efficiency and schedules of the events. The fourth thing is relevant to this one.

Fourth, we hold back. I know this is the main difference between Western and Eastern culture. The Western people are so straightforward that if we don’t like an attitude of a certain somebody we tell them right away. On the contrary, we Eastern culture holders chooses to maintain relationship and harmony that if we have an objection to someone, instead of telling them straightforwardly, we keep it to ourselves, we hold back. Sometimes, we also put grudge in them, true? I’m not saying that we should fully leave our own culture, but please, to some extent, those qualities are needed, especially when the critics are constructive.


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