MUN Mindset

I have just realized how much MUN has influenced my life, especially on international conferences/activities like this. In this AUN forum and contest, we interact with people from the ASEAN+3 Countries, rite. So, the thing is that unconsciously, I act like these are all MUN activities! Well it is true that this is in fact, a model of ASEAN+3 Summit, but, come on, in daily activities, I even use this MUN mindset.

So the procedure for the educational forum is first presenting the papers from each of the participants, and after several participants, we will have tea break for 15 minutes and then proceed. Unconsciously, I scribbled “Tea Break = UNMOD!!!!!” in the schedule card. I know, right?

I even observe the dining seating arrangement, the bus seating preferences, the free time friends, and all those stuffs and conclude who are who’s friend, who are the alliances, who are the leader, who are the strong ones, the bitchy ones, so on and so forth. These blocs, unconsciously, makes my views upon the peers from the other bloc biased and thus I became……a little (if not much) subjective.

In my presentation, I opened my speech with “Distinguished delegate…”. I used the term delegate rather than representatives. 

I even thought like who are the ones that are being fake just to be able to shine on the forum. I even talked about the other delegate with another. We were making blocs.

But, you know, MUN has made this one prominent change in me. Now, I am so into nakal-nakal berprestasi. Nyahahahha.


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