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I have no background in Arts, I can’t even draw a proper straight line, I can’t see why Monalisa’s smile is considered the most mysterious, I just knew how to properly use a cutter in high school, and whenever I tried to help my artistic friends with their works, I ended up receiving stares or sighs, but I would like to post these magnificent work of arts I found in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

Here is a picture of me and three other lovely ladies in the stairs of National Gallery of Arts, February 21st, 2012. We came here unplanned. Oh, anyway none of us there has an Arts background – the girl with the MIT sweater is a bright mechanical engineering student, the one with a hijab is an Engineering Management student, the cute little girl on the right wearing a Paddington-Bear-like coat is from Mathematics major, and I, that girl with the black coat definitely has no artistic sense running on my vein, if the first lines in this post didn’t elaborate enough.

We entered the National Gallery of Arts because it’s the nearest to the US Capitol, where we were heading to later that afternoon. We have made a group booking for 13.00 for the US Capitol tour and it was still 11.00, so, why spend a fine morning thousands of miles away from your home curled up in your blanket? *lirik cowok-cowok*

So unknowingly, we entered the National Gallery of Arts. Read More


Anak-anak CIOFF: Eiffel Tower, Barcelona, Bordeaux ; Europe.
Temen: “Caaah di Boston kemana aja ya selain MIT/Harvard?”
Cahya: gelimpungan di kasur


We often see in our Twitter timeline couples saying “Happy xx-th anniversary! ♥” when referring to their berapa bulanan. I often find it weird, though.

Anniversary means “1. the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event” while in this case, they clearly refer to the monthly recurrence of the date of a past event. Thus it is faulty to say “happy 3rd anniversary” on May 17 when the date meant to be commemorated is March 17.

However I am not so sure of the correct term that should be used here. I once read mensiversary to describe this monthly recurrence, but I’m not even sure whether this term exists. When you googled it up, the site that would be on the topmost results list is Urban Dictionary. So perhaps this mensiversary is well…a newly made term?

Not so sure, though. Oh well.
Oh, and anyway, happy fourth mensiversary!