Songs and their corresponding fantasies (blame these hormones and amazing movies):

  • Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love) – Cole Porter: 1920’s Paris, pearl earrings, clinging to your significant other and being flirtatious, with sparkling Eiffel Tower on the background. *joget-joget*
  • Maestro – Hans Zimmer: falling in love in London. Running freely in public parks.
  • Ballad du Paris – Francois Parisi: starred in a documentary of post-WWI Paris, a Parisian walking on the street, with sizzling red lipstick, black flapper dress, fur hat, pearl necklace, and white fur scarf.
  • Her Morning Elegance – Oren Lavie: Waking up in the morning to a Central Park view from my 200 Central Park South apartment. Distant sound of cars honking.
  • Glass in the Park – Alex Turner: lying in the bedroom’s floor next to this skinny-geeky-cool-looking boy, pointing out star constellations projected by the constellation projector. Making inaudible dialogues. (iye berasa film)
  • Overture and Preludium – Sound of Music OST: waking up to the hills of Vitznau, gazing at the Lake Lucerne, sitting on the windowsill, with a hot tomato soup that will get cold in 5 minutes. The smell of grasses.
  • The Nearness of You – Norah Jones: Walking from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial, in silence. To the Vietnam War Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, passing Tidal Basin. Only wish we held hands. (loh) (jadi personal) *kabur~*

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