The Joy of Browsing Flights

If Rebecca Bloomwood of Confessions of a Shopaholic found joy on windowshopping, swiping her credit card, lured by mannequins, trying on clothes and scarves and gloves, I found mine on……..browsing flight deals.


Scrolling down the list of destinations, I could almost hear the sound of waves and the calling of oceans of Phuket, airport announcements of flights departed and delayed, boarding calls and arrivals. Looking more carefully, as I read the names of the cities and their codes, flashes of the check-in hall of KLCC, arrival halls of Thanh Sonh Nhat Airport, the blinding city lights of Hong Kong, workers cleaning down Orchard Road at the first ray of sunlight, and girls in kimono on a district in Kyoto begin to appear in my mind.

Clicking on that pretty, alluring Search button, hope raises. Anxiously waiting, staring at the rotating circle as if it was an attraction of some sort. Waiting, as the system browses through thousands of flights, millions of available seats, and connecting hundreds of amazing cities.
And, oh! The search result popped up! Millions of hopeful people having their prayer answered.
And, oooh, that moment when you have a good deal! Those sizzling hot numbers! That smile on your face! Isn’t life wonderful? It’s as if you’d like to shout loudly to let everyone know you are in an incredibly happy mood. It’s as if you’d like to shake the person sitting next to you and hug him so very tightly. It’s as if you’d like to continuously talk and ramble to whoever-person. It’s as if you were in such excessively happy state that you have to channel everything out of you.

Proceeding, clicking on that exact departure and arrival hour, imagining the waves of cloud shimmered by sunlight upon having a day flight, stars above and city lights below upon having an evening flight; oh, wow. The exact thing I want to do is skip the dull and boring days to the departure date.

As I fill in my personal info I couldn’t help but be proud of myself for having such a good deal and reward myself with images and what-to-dos of my destination. Can I just please go already?

And. That. Moment. When all tickets have been paid, flight itinerary sent to your email; happy. I’m happy. Don’t you?

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