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Penasaran deh, sama zaman prasejarah. Bagaimana cara adaptasi dari nenek moyang manusia yang awalnya sedikit terus bisa jadi banyak, dengan ribuan ragam suku dan karakter? Apakah mutasi? Evolusi? Adaptasi? Berapa lama? Kok bisa ada ras Kaukasian dengan kulit dan pigmen mereka dan warna rambut, warna mata dan di saat bersamaan ada Maori yang sebegitu bedanya? Efek geografiskah? Jika memang satu nenek moyang, ras apa mereka itu? Bagaimana caranya mereka bisa bergerak dari satu tempat tinggal dan terus bermigrasi sampai rasanya dari dunia ini cuma secuil tempat yang nggak terhabitasi? Ras awal itu ciri fisiknya seperti apa?

Bahasa. Apa bahasa lisan pertama? Siapa penemunya? Bagaimana sang penemu dapat mengkomunikasikan dan membuat pengikutnya setuju dan mau menghafal bahasa tersebut? Apa cara yang ia pakai? Apa bargaining power-nya? Bagaimana bahasa itu dapat berevolusi menjadi bahasa-bahasa yang ada sekarang?

Saya berpikir bahwa penemu dan innovator yang paling kreatif bukannya penemu Apple atau Google, tapi orang yang pertama kali menyimpulkan dan membuat konsep bahasa. Pun begitu dengan public speaker paling handal. Bukan Steve Jobs, Soekarno, ataupun Martin Luther King, tapi sang penemu bahasa dan bagaimana ia dapat mengomunikasikan idenya itu tanpa adanya bahasa lisan ataupun kata-kata sebelumnya. Albert Einstein mungkin membuat gempar dunia dengan konsep dan teorinya mengenai relativitas dan time-space continuum. Begitupun Isaac Newton dengan teori gravitasinya, juga Niels Bohr dengan teori model atomnya. Mereka jelas berpikir melewati batas yang sudah ada pada masanya, dan dapat dengan sukses membuktikannya. Tapi, hanya membayangkan bagaimana orang pertama yang membuat kata membuat kata dan mengenalkannya pada orang yang tak kenal kata dan bahasa, saya bergidik. Membuat kata.


Love, in fact, is as much a product of the heart as it is of the brain – a combination of neurochemistry and storytelling, the hormones and neurotransmitters that make us feel certain emotions, and the stories we choose to tell ourselves about those emotions.

People suck. The world sucks. Universe sucks. Cats don’t suck, tho. Europe still don’t suck, too. Hormone sucks.

Even The Fault in Our Stars can’t make up the suckiness of today. Well that is since I have finished the book. Even the thought of eating some good sushi or steak can’t change how sucks today was. Even the thought of hot, steamy dimsum (ooh that sounds mouthwatering) can’t compensate today. Bed and pillows and bolsters, too. Not even babies with diapers and few teeth.

And all these while a few hours ago you were chatting happily and walking around full of liveliness and joy. Ha.

That’s why



October 20th: people changing their BBM personal message to “Today is yours”, tweeting “happy graduation, today is yours!” (or some people tweeted about the crazy Bandung traffic due to the graduation of about 6 universities on the same day, yikes), changing display pictures of peers wearing toga, and crazy hectic buying flowers and balloons and graduation gifts in Gerbang Belakang.

Graduation day.

Graduation day is often associated with festivity and unyuness – and of course, mushiness. As mushy as this post I am going to write to my graduated HNMUN friends. Mushy Cahya is mushy.

Congratulations, delegates!

Those dilemma and despair and confusion for the past few months where you spent times in the US to seek for that special plant extract, disappeared for days because your Financial final project suddenly met a dead end, pretended to be an expert from ITB’s Aeronautical Engineering Master degree upon meeting government’s officials, and studied frantically to ensure that kompre test passed successfully.

  1. Ahmad Faris Arifin

    Berdiri empet-empetan demi melawan angin Liberty Island yang lumayan kurang ajar.

    First time we met was in SBM ITB Golf Tournament 2011 where I was his staff on documentation division. Faris is the Ted of the team. Faris talks about his everchanging love life. Faris is a desperate romantic. Faris is that fatherly figure in the team. Faris is ekonomi mapan. Faris shops. Faris is huggable. Faris pays for your food (we are eternally grateful). Faris sings. Plays the piano. Plays the guitar. Is a music God. Faris takes good pictures – which, fyi, left me menye-menye HNMUN bahkan sampe sekarang. hiks. Faris is lovely. I love Faris!

    Good luck Faris on finding your significant other, I would be waiting to hear your version of the “How I Met Your Mother” series! Good luck on finding jobs, may you have your dream job! Nail that next stage of life! Spread love! (berasa hippie)

  2. Ayasha Sagita

  3. Dua wanita banci foto menorakkan diri di KBRI DC yang bangunannya super bagus.

    Ayasha Sagita is the nyai of the team. She has divine power – to command Putra (her underling), to move cars to make the parking space available, to publicize gossips and issues of a developing romance in the club. Ahem. Ayasha – often calls her self Rayasha, a hybrid of herself and the famous singer Raisa – likes to sing in Faris’s car, which always put Raisa’s songs in his playlist. Sometimes over powerful. Which is super forgivable since neither of the passengers of the car can sing, except Faris himself. She often came to GaneshaMUN meetings with acid-dripped shirts and cardigans and jeans because of her lab experiment. And, oh!! She almost poisoned a corridor because of her lab’s acid. Not to mention next to her lab is a meeting room, which in that time was attended by professors. That’s how powerful Nyai is.

    GMUN meetings without Nyai’s kerebekan will be different, but life must goes on. (tsah). So Ayasha, use your nyai power in dunia kerja, use your mantras and chants if your boss or future employer annoys you. Have a gloriously happy life!

  4. Hendra Kwik
  5. Sehabis wawancara Hendra untuk mata kuliah Leadership; he was my chosen role model. :’)

    Hendra is Amazing. With capital A. He’s inspirational. He’s a role model; he should be the role model for all university students. Hendra is just…..being Hendra. He’s humble, he’s supportive, inspirational, genius, Mapres ITB, simple, very organized, blablabla I could list hundreds of adjectives to describe how positive he is. I chose him to be a role model in one of my classes. I have a presentation of why he is cool, and why he should be a role model. I guess that explains. It’s just Hendra being Hendra.

    Hendra, stay inspiring. May your dream of being “impactful” to others be achieved and inspire others to make impact on the community, as you have done and I’m pretty sure you will always do. 🙂

  6. Reinhardt Albert Matondang
  7. Muka lumayan tak terkontrol menertawakan hal yang sebenernya abstrak terus sengaja dilamain biar bisa difoto. Nggak ya?

    Reinhardt Albert Matondang a.k.a Representasi Nakal Berprestasi Kontingen Tangerang a.k.a rambut Justin Bieber dengan kaos ungu a.k.a Secretary Emeritus a.k.a P’rei a.k.a ceu a.k.a President of AAGD a.k.a hampir-Newscaster Metro TV a.k.a dada-paha. Nggak dada-paha ya? Reinhardt is the vibe of the team. Whenever Reinhardt’s around, it will be loud. And rebek. And heboh. That’s just how Reinhardt is, berisik, rebek, dan heboh. He is a very well-organized man, much organized than I am. He has incredibly beautiful and slender fingers. Unfortunately he doesn’t play the piano. Or he did play the piano years ago. Reinhardt is the president of AAGD (Asosiasi Artis Gerbang Depan) because of his frequent pictures at Gerbang Depan. Too bad AAGD must be closed now. Reinhardt is part Thai. Reinhardt makes AMAZING Keynote presentation. Which his professor said much like a marketing student rather than aeronautical engineering student for his final project presentation. Reinhardt gossips. Reinhardt makes flowery speeches and words. Reinhardt takes self pictures in his Macbook’s PhotoBooth. Which is quite sensational.

    Reinhardt, utilize your nakal-berprestasi-ness to attain your dream jobs! โชคดี!

There it goes. My mushy remarks for my teammates. You guys are great people, amazing achievers, incredibly good friends. I see no major hindrance in achieving your goals (sotoy). Have a happy career, see you in New York/DC/Boston! (ceritanya udah sukses terus reunian disana)

There are countless reasons for you to be happy; or at least feel happy.

  • The sun still shines today.
  • It does not rain, thus not ruining your flat shoes.
  • You are not in comatose, and you still can do the human race’s favorite action: speak
  • Your car didn’t break down in the middle of a heavy Jakartan traffic jam today
  • You have a roof on top of your house. That widely internet-circulated statistic shows that you’re luckier than 75% of the world’s population
  • You ate bread with chocolate sprinkles and butter for breakfast today
  • You might have Mid-Term Exam tomorrow, but hey! You can still go to school
  • You can still blog and tweet. Indicates you have enough credits on your smartphone. Indicates that you are currently financially able.
  • Your family is complete, alive, and well. All the reason to be gloriously happy.