Fragility, Insecurity, Achievements.

It is so freaking annoying how insecurity and fragility raises proportionally with achievements. Or need for achievements.

When you are a striving, high-achieving person, you tend to be insecure and lose your self-confidence of doing so many things that you are actually capable of. You tend to be afraid of doing things, scared of ruining your image, scared of other competitors who you think are better than you, and worst; scared of failing.

You tend to look up, neglecting how much you’ve achieved and how any people are looking up to you. You tend to blame yourselves for missed opportunities while actually, you know that you are technically unable to attain them all. You tend to talk of other people and praise them and call them Godlike and lament on how this life is so unfair, while you are never grateful of what you have.

You tend to say “ah, that’s nothing”. Tend to say “I’m worthless”. Tend to say “I can’t do it”. Yet upon achieving what you wished you have, you would only be happy for a fleeting moment. And go back to your daily despair.

You tend to keep it all to yourselves, afraid of saying your thoughts to others. You tend to write your lamentations on your blog. You ungrateful child.

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