Reasons to be Happy

There are countless reasons for you to be happy; or at least feel happy.

  • The sun still shines today.
  • It does not rain, thus not ruining your flat shoes.
  • You are not in comatose, and you still can do the human race’s favorite action: speak
  • Your car didn’t break down in the middle of a heavy Jakartan traffic jam today
  • You have a roof on top of your house. That widely internet-circulated statistic shows that you’re luckier than 75% of the world’s population
  • You ate bread with chocolate sprinkles and butter for breakfast today
  • You might have Mid-Term Exam tomorrow, but hey! You can still go to school
  • You can still blog and tweet. Indicates you have enough credits on your smartphone. Indicates that you are currently financially able.
  • Your family is complete, alive, and well. All the reason to be gloriously happy.


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