HNMUN Syndrome: Moving On

Written months after HNMUN (even almost a year!) Can’t seem to move on just yet.


After intense exposure to MUN lately (specifically, HNMUN) I am now severely missing the trip. I miss Boston’s warmth, New York’s frostbites, and Washington’s astonishing museums. I miss the small meeting rooms used to draft Working Papers hours before the session began. I miss the times when I intentionally went into the bathroom during committee session just to take a deep breath. I miss my friend’s weird dance moves on the dance floor. (yet still managed to get several guys dancing with her). I miss the vending machine near the lift where they have this addictive White Cheddar Popcorn. I miss the times where I have to run to the fifth floor because I left my placard and all materials in my room. I miss the conference.

I miss the little details about the trip. Missing the sunset I saw on the air train trip from Jamaica Center to JFK. Missing Au Bon Pain’s hot soup. Missing the grocery store I visited on my way to Central Park. Missing the US Capitol and its tour guide who doesn’t even have any idea where Indonesia is. Missing the hugs in Liberty Island to save ourselves from freezing. Missing honey mustard sauce OMG!!!!! Missing Times Square at 00.30 AM.

I just miss everything.

Currently torturing myself by putting my USA-Trip-Playlist, starting off with Rihanna’s We Found Love, where the iPod played Norah Jones’s The Nearness of You afterwards, and continued by Pitbull’s Give Me Everything (Tonight).

Emotionally tortured.

  1. I feel you, Cah. At times, these memories bites. Like sweat they’re preferably not there, but it’s indeed the byproduct of something that gets so deep you almost have no control over it. Wait till it’s February and you’ll get drowned more in melancholy. Aahahahaha can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years for me, yet the scenes are still going on in my mind like it was yesterday. That’s why I love being with the 2012 delegation. You’re the closest things to revive the spirit I once had with 2011 delegation, who are now scattered all around the world. *jadi curhat* :”)

    • Typo! “These memories bite”. *grammar nazi*

    • C said:

      I KNOW RIGHT! the exact same reason why I enjoy being around 2013 gitu preparing the trip and all that. hiks.

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