Further Reasons on My Refusal to Move On from HNMUN 2012.

My wonderful friend, Ayasha suddenly published this video of ITB Delegation for HNMUN 2012.

It was really touching. Sukses bikin menye-galau-nangis bombay-senyum senyum sendiri-males kuliah-tapi semangat juga-bimbang-gitu deh pagi-pagi.

It’s one of those videos that when you watch it, unknowingly tears are streaming down your face while you’re still laughing at your friend’s silly faces. It’s one of those videos that suddenly makes the atmosphere in your dorm as windy as the boat trip to Liberty Island, as cold as Quincy Market night, and as lovely as the dusk in Capitol View’s veranda. It’s one of those videos that you seriously want to repeat yet afraid of the inevitable sadness and menye-ness afterwards. It’s just one of those awesome videos.

And you know how you can stumble upon a random, totally irrelevant videos from one video in YouTube through the referred videos? I found this gem:

More cutesy. More videos. More proof!

These people are just amazing and simply ngangenin.

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