Walking Under the Rain

They say writing is harder when you’re happy. I wholeheartedly agree. When you’re happy, you don’t want to get distracted, you want to be immersed in whatever activity you were engaged to, whatever emotion you were feeling, so on and so forth. So, pardon this writing for being so boring, blatant, not metaphorical (or too metaphorical), and…….boring.

I love walking.

I just love it. The activity of being alone, not needing anyone else’s consent to change route or stop by any interesting road signs, singing to a little tune, watching busy people in their cars honking at each other, girls hugging tightly to their boyfriends on a motorbike, kids selling flower in Dago, observing patterns on the road, and listening to the city’s busy tune. I adore the easy flow of ideas and reflections that popped out in my mind.

Bandung is a romantic city. I love Bandung. But the ped walk here sucks. I tripped lots and lots of times because it’s missing some block pavings and it has poor lightings. Nevertheless, walking in Bandung is always a pleasure.

Today I walked. I walked from my campus to my dorm (which, I checked from Google Maps, is 1.3 km long). It was not my first time yet this was the happiest walk of them all!

I walked under the rain.

Call me a desperate romantic, desperate movie lover for copying Midnight in Paris’s love for walking under the rain, but, I love walking under the rain. I know it’s far from walking under the rain in Paris, but hey! Bandung is indeed the Paris of Java. *tetot*

It all started when I finished class hours ago. I was suffering from my monthly mood swing (which sucked) and every.thing.seems.so.wrong. Not wanting to spoil this happy post, I’ll skip the depressed-damsel-in-distress part and move directly to my decision to WALK UNDER THE RAIN!

I was wanting to go home, I just want to be in the secure sanctuary of my room, and alas, it was raining. It was raining hard. I waited for 10 minutes and it didn’t show any sign of stopping. So when it wasn’t so hard, I decided to just walk outside.

I went to the main road and saw lottttttttttts of people waiting for angkot Cisitu.  I joined them. I knew that there was no way in heaven or earth three empty angkot would come and brought us all. It was raining and angkot Cisitu at that hour was as scarce as a fullerene. (Is fullerene rare?) So I decided to walk to my dorm.

And it was an incredibly lucky decision.

I walked. Past students waiting for angkot with their umbrellas. Past students sheltering under warung and ojek. Past high school students gossiping while waiting for the rain to stop. Past people smoking in Circle K. Watching the water droplets hit the road, reflected, scattered to many places in a beautiful rhythm. Watching streetlights being reflected in the wet surface. Feeling like the road belongs to you and only you as other pedestrians would prefer to stay at their rooms, hiding under the warmth of their blankets.

I walked while thinking how silly I was today. I walked while thinking how estrogen and progesteron can change your life. Both in a good way and a bad way.

I walked and I had a heartfelt evening.




(this post, compared to the previous post is a further proof that I am on my PMS and that PMS is real.)

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