Things I Promise I Will Do:

  1. Go to Hampton Court
    Buy the White Fudge Brownie, buy whatever original-Tudor-menu being offered in the kitchen, listen to Pride & Prejudice’s Dawn while strolling in the garden, read Alison Weir’s Children of England before going there, read a book in the garden, buy a coin from the museum shop and toss it to the fountain in the Garden, promising that I’ll be going back to the Palace later.
  2. Go to Canterbury’s museums
    Every single one of them.
  3. Go to the British Museum
    Like, duh. Ask for possible internship/part-time/permanent/volunteer position.
  4. Take a picture in the Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross
  5. Enter Westminster Abbey
    Actually enter the Abbey, gaze at its glasses
  6. Watch The Last Shadow Puppets/Arctic Monkeys/Coldplay
    You know these cool, overly awesome lads will not have concerts in Indonesia, Cahya :*
  7. Contact East Anglia students

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