426 days

426 days seem short. 426-days-old-human would only be able to walk rather imbalanced in his diapers and start growing his fourth/sixth teeth. Seemed very small, very infant.

Yet it is different when it comes to a 426-days fostered by two people. It would be louder, with two heads setting the course of the days. It would be much more stressful, with two different opinions debating on a life-changing decision. It would be much more emotional, with two (sometimes) different feelings and mood forced to sit on a table together.

Yet it would be more mature, as they would face the hardships of life together. It would be more fun, as two crazy heads join together in making a surprise party. It would be much lovelier, as they now have someone else to share their geeky interests with.

A 426-days with someone can change your life, be it the way you pack, the method of transportation you’ll take in the capital city, the way you laugh, and the design set you create your slideshows with.

A 426-days with someone means a lot. Especially when you spend more than three quarters of those days meeting them on a daily basis. Especially when you know that in a few months from now, that daily meeting would not be technically feasible. And you would miss that rushes to the cinema or rushes to meet curfews or rushes to pack or rushes to a mapres presentation.

A 426-days with someone could really tell whether you love someone or not, whether their harms are bearable, or whether their smelly feet and fat belly are tolerable.

In this case, they are indeed tolerable, bearable, and very much lovable.

Happy 14th mensiversary!2013-05-25 16.40.04


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