Three Goals

Posting from Traders Hotel, Hong Kong (16th floor FTW!), I feel grand. Not only because the ah-mazing view I got from my window, but also the golden opportunity I am having here.

When I entered university, I have three goals. One, to be able to join Harvard National Model United Nations. Two, to have an exchange abroad. Three, winning a national business & management competition – be it marketing, finance, operation, entrepreneurship, anything. The first one I was able to achieve after failing once. HNMUN was one of the turning points of my life. Met an awesome, geeky boy (cie), met amazing friends, and got introduced to the “ambi” part of Indonesian undergrads. The second one I unexpectedly achieved by having an exchange scholarship from the European Union to the University of Kent in the UK. It was beyond my expectation to be able to be selected out of 700ish students in Southeast Asia. Going on mid September, I cannot wait to once again step foot on the land so full of history and enchantments.

Having only 3 months left before my graduation, I was pessimistic to reach the third one. I was happy enough to be able to achieve the other two, anyway. Additionally, I was never that good in business plans and marketing plans, the two most common type of Business Administration competition in Indonesia. So, when my friend asked me whether I want to join his team in a business case competition, I didn’t expect anything.

I didn’t expect that I will be here on the foyer of room 1608 in Traders Hotel, looking far at the harbor, preparing myself for tomorrow’s competition.

Being here in Hong Kong almost seem unreal for me. I am grateful as I can be to be able to have join this competition. I am thankful to my then-self for saying yes to that friend of mine’s invitation. I am blessed by the people around me who have directly or indirectly helped me achieve what I have achieved now.

I am very happy to be able to check those three goals of mine from my list.


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