Loneliness is bliss.

While people beg for companion, while today’s youth’s problem is almost definitely about love and finding a partner, while people are arguing who’s the better friend, today I am faced off by the fact and premise that loneliness is bliss.

The less we get to be involved with people, the less pain we will receive.

Less expectations unmet. Less promises broken. Less conflicts. As my friend, Santhy, put it, people need to learn not to cling to other. We must learn to not have dependency upon others. The less emotional transaction we have, the less chance for us to have conflicts, hence the less chance for us to get hurt. As selfish it might sound, but, who would want to get hurt? Who would want to feel pain? And yes, this is a justification for being selfish.

People would argue that the less you get to be involved with people, the less happy you will become as well. No.

Being less involved means that you are willing to be more lonely than you were, that you want to be lonely, that you embrace loneliness along with its consequences. Once we are aware of that, we do not expect other people to be our sole source of happiness. Once we are aware of that, we find happiness, or whatever positive emotion, in emptiness.

Different with ignorance.

Ignorance is, for me and a friend of mine, Mirza, a state where you happen to be lonely when you actually want to be heard, want to be with someone else. Ignorance does not embrace emptiness. Ignorance is not ready for the consequences that follow. Ignorance is more of a forced result than a voluntary action. And as far as I understand it, I conclude that ignorance is not bliss. Loneliness is.

  1. Ivit said:

    Kak cahya, blognya bagus banget. Sangat menginspirasi. Keep shinning as a light and sukses terus kak 😀

    • C said:

      Aaa makasih bgttt Ivittt terharu haha

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