Losing track of months

When I was in Middle School and High School, I used to count the dates and the months of my mensiversary/anniversary/whatever-it-is-actually-called. I used to be able to quickly answer the question “how long have you been dating xxx?” right to the exact months, sometimes the exact days. It’s kinda spooky now that I think of it. Blegh.

When I checked on my e-mail earlier in the morning, I realized that today is 4 September 2013. Not that it’s only 16 days prior to my departure to the UK (yikes), I realized that it’s my mensiversary with Gici!

Oddly enough, I can’t remember what mensiversary today was. Was it fifteenth? Was it thirteenth? It took me half a minute and my ten fingers to manually count the month. It was the seventeenth.

I am not the kind of girl who will express her love and admiration so explicitly, added with the likings of sweet words like honey or I’m-grateful-I-have-you. I don’t think I would even say the words I-love-you have Gici been in close geographical proximity. I claim to be the master of surprises and hand-crafted, creative gifts, but I am no longer upholding the idea that every mensiversary should be showered with gifts and sweet words written on ivory-colored linen papers.

In fact, we spent the day being 6657 kilometers away from each other, 2-time-zones apart. The closest thing to an intimate moment is Gici’s webcam video on the upper-right corner of the laptop screen, looking busy with his own essays, me with my own revisions.

Screenshot on Seventeenth MensiversaryI ask myself, am I bored? Are relationships getting unexciting?

No, I don’t think it’s boring. I just think that you do not need to count days and months to satisfy yourself that you’re doing good. You are no longer seeing the length of a relationship as a competition or a part of your social status. You find that gifts are not significant in proving you love and want someone in your life. You finally realize that being grateful for someone does not necessarily translate into paragraphs of reciting memories or beautiful lyrics (although I still write this post nonetheless). You finally understand that it is not a matter of days and months but of a person you shared them with.

I get very comfortable with Gici that I do not think of him as a person I need to count days on; I regard him as an inseparable part of my life *puke*  *let me change that* a highly significant person in my life that days with him have been default days and those without him deviant days.

So, please do stay.



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