Happy Birthday Andhika Nugraha!

Happy birthday to the most loving boyfriend in the world ♥


  1. Caaa ini keren bgt! I’m inspired to make one! Hahahhaha what font did u use for this?

    • C said:

      Haaha thanks den! Lots of em sihhh but mainly Gotham & Bebas Neue. Yg title itu SeaSide Resort NF, trs ada jg Frenchy (yg di box Happy yg conversing), ada Birmingham, Titillium, yg tulisan sambungnya depannya Gale gt tp gw lupa haha Galetone?

      Tp mainly Gotham sicchhh yg bold sm regular 😉

      I’ll be waiting to read yours!

    • C said:

      Hahah thankyou Sutan!

  2. monraphita said:

    AAA. just. too. cute. you guys ah.

    • C said:

      ah kamu bisa ajah :3

  3. I don’t know you but I do know him- you guys are perfect match, unyu sekali, couldn’t stop saying ‘aaawwwwww’ while scrolling. Langgeng ya, kak gichie dan kak cahya! When love is true distance doesn’t matter 🙂 #eya

    • C said:

      Haha hello there! Thank you thank you! 😀

  4. Leonyanindita said:

    Kak, How did you make this one?

    • C said:

      Hi Leonyanindita!

      Are you referring to the design or the whole thing? I’ll try to explain in below steps:

      1. I gather data from the survey in the link http://bit.ly/giciultah; 2. I summarised the data in one excel spreadsheet; 3. I chose which of these questions are most important or have the most amusing answers; 4. With pencils, I drafted a *very* rough sketch of the infographic (like the parts of it); 5. designing the actual thing (in which I spent the most time)

      Now for the designing, since I am not in a design major, pardon my lack of correct technical terms. I used Adobe Photoshop CS3, I used free fonts downloaded from different websites, and…basically that’s it..? Haha. Um the main font is Gotham and the title font is SeaSide Resort NF. I used lots and lots of layers which was really annoying and the size of the file is enormous, like hundreds of MB so I resized this couple of times as well. The actual file is so large that if I printed it, it could be several meters long haha. I can’t use CorelDRAW or anything so for the images like the bunnies or the geometric shapes, I looked for vector images from the net and use the shape function in Photoshop.

      It’s actually quite simple, you only need motivation bcs it took a considerable amount of time and effort haha.

      If you want to make a simple infographic, you can also make it here: http://infogr.am/

      I hope this answers your question. Feel free to ask about the specific details 🙂

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