Happy Mother’s Day to the Greatest Mom!

(The international Mother’s Day is April 11, but Indonesia’s is Dec 22, isn’t it?)


My mom is the greatest mom in the world. Of course there are billion other people out there who argue that their mom is the greatest but….you get what I mean.

In this mother’s day, I would like to tell you why my mom is worthy of that title (and why I love her so much!)

  1. She’s pretty.#1: she's pretty!
    She is that pretty that my boyfriend said that my mom is prettier than me. Because of my competitiveness, I do not want to admit this (wkwk) but I have to say, she really is pretty (especially during her more younger years).

    If I were in my BSD home and had access to the family photo album, I would be more than happy to share her pictures when she was in her 20s.

  2. My mom is a great cook.

    She really is. My family, my boyfriend, my neighbors, my junior’s parents in my elementary school who used to be her catering client agree. Her most famous dish is her rendition of gulai. If I have to choose between a lifetime supply of Sushi Tei + Crystal Jade + Beautika, I would choose to have a lifetime supply of my mom’s cooking. That is partially because she has this ability to copy foods she ate in a restaurant.

    The only problem with my mom’s cooking is that her foods are….not so good in the eyes. We once tried to make vegetable-shaped kue basah with sweet beans filling. We intended to make a chili-shaped one, yet what we succeeded to make was more like a red eggplant. But it tasted good! Perhaps her ability to make aesthetically pleasing food is all allocated to the taste of foods she made.

  3. She does outdoor activities!

    My family has this love for outdoor activities; trekking, cycling, camping, et cetera et cetera. Although some moms would choose to stay in the hotel or wait in the car, my mom is not. To be honest, sometimes she is the one more swift and agile in trekking than me. Sigh.

  4. She reads!

    My mom loves books. She said it originated way back when my grandma was Semen Gresik’s librarian when she was in elementary school. This convenient position means that she was able to read and borrow books before they got shelved in the library (I would love that, too!). This very reason prompted me to buy her a series of old Pendekar & Silat comic books she said she used to read when she was young.

  5. She is…cute?

    I do not know how to put this properly, so I’ll just post this picture and let you guys know what I meant:

  6. She has a love for jeeps.

    My mom used to ride a hard top Jeep back when I was in elementary school and middle school. I detest it because it’s hard to hop on when you’re wearing a skirt, it’s noisy, it’s very bumpy, and it doesn’t have the automatic power windows (pardon my lack of automotive terms knowledge). However, my mom was so in love with it that she kind of cried when that very car was sold.

    Countless of people on the street have given her a “thumbs-up” sign for approving her driving such car (including other drivers in sedan, security guards in our usual hypermarket, security guards in my school, and even my friends). Now, her (and my dad’s) dream car is nothing but a Wrangler Rubicon.

    She used to drive (if I’m not mistaken) a canvas Wrangler CJ7, as pictured below:My mom's CJ7

    Her current car is a white Jimny (which I still detest, but she loves it nonetheless (she calls it cute)):

    Her Jimny

  7. She gets along with people very, very easily.

    I think it’s a combination of her friendliness, charm, pretty looks, and simplicity that made her gets along with people very easily. Be it a neighborhood tukang sayur, or a stranger we sit next to at the airport, or a stranger’s baby (she does especially well with babies); she will be able to talk easily to them. (That is as opposed to my inability to master the skill of small talk).Below is a picture of her talking with a seller of something that is apparently called Docang.

  8. She’s supportive, kind-hearted, and genuinely nice ❤

    It is perhaps the thing I love the most about my mom. Unlike me who often throw angry tantrums to people, who are sometimes very negative, she is very kind-hearted and positive. She said that so far, she has never had an actual fight with someone. She is the type of person who would sacrifice personal needs and ego for the betterment of everyone and to avoid conflicts.

    She is the type of person who would support you no matter what path you decide to take. She will be there to listen to your stories (no matter how long, irrelevant, and minuscule that story might be (like how my stories usually are)). She is the type of person who is very caring to you that she will spend the whole day thinking what to cook for you when you come visit tomorrow (she did this when Dika was coming over to my home).

    She is definitely the type of person you would love. At many times I wish I am as loving and as kind-hearted as she is. She is my rock.

    She is home.


To Mama Anis Noer Aidah, the best mom in the world, I wish you a happy mother’s day! Lots of virtual hugs and kisses from afar! Miss you much!

Dik Ica
Who is currently in tears, terharu, wkwk.


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