Search Engine Terms: how these weird stuffs got people going into my blog.

I have always found it amusing to read the search engine terms that refer to this blog. At times I can’t help but imagine the wide range of (random, lost) people out there who are somehow managed (or tricked) to read this blog of mine. I have always wondered what they had in mind when they searched for these terms, what they look like, what their objectives are, so on and so forth.

It is almost like meeting random people who you have actually never met; never met at all.

So I would like to put some of the terms I find most amusing/interesting/mind-blogging/plain weird. Here are the terms:

  • Kaderisasi/Ospek/Kampus – this blog post of mine (Tentang Kampus yang Terjebak Tradisi Lama), which is the sole post that brings the most traffic to this blog, was once a quite controversial piece of writing among the students of Institut Teknologi Bandung. My opinion on the new student orientation was among the many other blog posts written by observer of the event. Ever since, there are many people that got into my blog via terms such as: tentang kampus, flow kaderisasi (berasa expert), junior – senioritas, contoh agitasi ospek, osjur, ospek di bully, teklap, etc. Berasa tiba-tiba blog ini jadi one-stop-shopping orang yang mau bikin orientasi anak baru. Padahal enggak. Tapi, jika ada perancang kaderisasi yang awalnya ingin membuat kaderisasi seperti yang saya kritik pada post tersebut dan merevisi beberapa dari rancangannya, saya merasa senang dapat menambah sedikit banyak opini 🙂
  • Hendra Kwik – Hendra is a friend of mine who is, apparently, very famous. I received search engine terms like hendra kwik, hendra tekim itb, hendra ganesha prize, and hendra kwik inspirasi saya (ini beneran ada!!!). I wrote a post about my friends who were graduating on October 2012 where Hendra was part of the graduands I mentioned there.
  • SBM ITB – my alma mater, SBM ITB, apparently brings quite a handful of people to my blog! I mentioned SBM ITB several times in my blog so that could somehow explain why people ended up here (although I doubt that they’d find any real academic stuffs from here). However, some of the terms are quite….negative. SBM ITB terms include sbm hedon (huft), masuk sbm itb susah, pak subi sbm (eksis yaa Pak Subi), di payung sbm itb, nari sbm, oddisey sbm itb, and budi iskandar sbm (that’s my lecturer, too).
  • ANGKOT & Rute Transportasi Bandung – THIS IS AMONG THE FUNNIEST. This post of mine basically recounts my experience and feelings during my regular trip using that specific angkot route. However, due to the many mentions of “angkot” (an Indonesian public transportation – like a public van), I got many readers who are actually looking for angkot routes. Poor them 😦 Those terms include: ke tegalega naik angkot apa, naik angkot ke paskal hypersquare, stasiun bandung bisa gak naik cisitu tegalega, and naik angkot apa dari tegalega ke pasar andir (Pasar Andir???? I have never even heard of it…).
  • English subject removal – I once wrote a blog post criticising the ministry’s plan to remove English subject from the national curriculum. Apparently many people want to research more on that subject and they are lured into the heavily opinionated post of mine. Teehee.
  • At last, my name – ehm, pardon the narcissistic bit of me, but it is kinda funny to imagine that there are actually *real* people out there that searched my name in a search engine!!!! (most probably it’d be my dad or my mom) I’ve always thought what they encountered before that triggered them to search my name on a search engine. I mean, there isn’t a lot of Cahyawardhanis out there, right? It must be for me, right???? (maksa)
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