Omnipresence & technology

Whether Google is going to be the real Skynet or the coolest company ever is an ongoing debate. It has so far discussed in my Facebook comment section, pre-dinner time, reunion, and dates.

Yup. Dates.


Andhika: Eh btw android berikutnya follows you. Whatever you do. Whatever device you use. Sooo scary

Cahya: Maksudnya?

A: Everything you do di semua devices yang powered by Google akan terhubung wkwk. It’s omnipresent

C: They dont know how my poop looks tho


C: Because they know what I eat, where I go, who I date. But poop is a natural thing, product-free. So. Poop.

A: Well if you use health monitoring devices, maybe even your poop will be known by Google

C: As far as I know I don’t use poop tracking device

A: Maybe you will one day have nanobots in your poop.



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