Search Terms

Just like my post almost 2 years ago, I find it incredibly amusing to look for search engine terms that lead people to my blogs… Although I haven’t blogged for *so* long, apparently some weird terms still lure people in. In this post I categorized some of the amusing (and downright weird) search engine terms:

  • Weirdest term goes to: apa bahasa sundanya makan mie instan terus kaya anak kostan. Mister/miss, I have no idea.
  • Other weird terms: kenapa nasi uduk murah banget, kenapa undangan indonesia berlembar-lembar
  • Kaderisasi/ospek/perploncoan: starting from the positive ones like “kaderisasi tanpa marah”, “ospek di luar negeri yang tanpa marah-marah”, “cara membela mentor yang dimarahi panitia” to the awful ones like “ide plonco maba pas makrab”, “kekerasan kaderisasi”
  • My friends’ names: seriously are these friends popular or are they just searching their own names?
  • Rute angkot Bandung: ….mister/miss, I only know the route for the purple angkot Cisitu-Tegalega. Other than that, I’m quite blind 😦

Have a good morning! And thank you for visiting my blog!

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