Ultra fine


I am a cheesy person and this is going to be a very cheesy post. You have been warned.

In my life I have encountered so many driven girls — yet the one trait that I have always observed is that, they are almost certainly often feel insecure. Some would feel like they are not good enough career- or school-wise, some would feel that they are too overbearing, some would worry about how they would never have a boyfriend; and the list goes on and on.

Now I have this particular friend of mine: she’s very bright (as in cheerful bright and smart bright, not the convenience store in Pertamina’s retail stations Bright) and I bet that there are lots of colleagues, university friends, high school friends that could validate that. As humane as we all are, she sometimes feel insecure — about pretty much the things that we all would feel insecure about, such as work, romance, life in general, work (uh yes I did mention work twice on purpose 😉 teehee).

Sometimes though, like tonight, I wanted to shout out to her and say don’t worry, you’re doing fine. Ultra fine, to be exact.

Last time I worked with her in a team, she was able to deliver and led a team of 30+ people to create an exhibition and competition which went smoothly; during which for a year of working with her I don’t think I have any complains. From what I heard on her work, she’s doing fine in that front too. And being the ambitious girl that she is, she keeps on finding ways how to develop herself (which on a side note, I’m sure she’ll do stellar in whatever things she decide to pursue).

I wouldn’t call her overbearing, at all. She’s a listener (and equally, a talker too, which is good) and she could (well I hope) stand listening to your endless daily spazzing over an idol who doesn’t even know you exist that lives 5,293 km away from you. Now in retrospect, I think I owe her a LOT of time to listen because 75% of the time I think it’s me who did the talking.

She’s wise! She could give you advice and feedback that is objective and logical, yet at the same time able to convey it in a delicate manner that it doesn’t hurt your feeling. Honestly, if I could bring this back to myself, I appreciate honesty in friendship much more than sweet talks and empty consolations — and she is able to do just that. She’s mature (well, she *is* even older now HAHAHA) so whenever this childish Cahya decides to jump out, she could bring Cahya back to her senses. And that’s nice to have ❤

All in all, I think she’s a good careerwoman in the making (her boss said so), a good human being (she supports refugees), a good fangirl (she likes (or as she claimed, liked with a past tense) Xiumin and Kim Jinwoo), and most importantly, she’s a good friend (Cahya said so <3).

And oh! Today happens to be her birthday.

Happy birthday, Cici! Hope you had a blast! Have a stellar year ahead of you! Thank you for being a friend! :*

xx, mushy Cahya

P.S.: she is the one responsible to encourage me to start writing again (honestly, this was so important for me and it boosted my confidence in writing things again)

P.P.S.: she’s single.


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