Like many of us, I procrastinate (which I am not at all proud of). And like even many more of us, I have countless things I want to do in life. Of course, as I meet more people and travel to more places, those things constantly change. As of now, here is the list:

  1. Be fluent in French
  2. Write properly in hanacaraka, the old Javanese alphabet
  3. Perform a traditional Indonesian dance
  4. Take a diving license
  5. Climb a mountain
  6. Touch a lion(ess)
  7. Go to a YG Family Concert. Yup. Determined. (shrieks I actually went to a Winner concert in Seoul (their first concert EVER))
  8. Give a talk on gender and/or making peace with your ambitious self

Travel list

  1. By the age of 25, set foot to five continents (4 down, 1 to go!)
  2. By the age of 30, visit Eastern Europe
  3. By the age of 35, set foot to Middle East, South Asia, South/Central America
  4. By the age of 30, set foot to 20 different countries — not as transit but actually travel for at least a day (14 down, 6 to go!)
  5. By the age of 30, perform the hajj or umrah
  6. Go on an African safari
  7. See aurora borealis (yep, mainstream bucket list item)

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