Monthly Archives: August 2013

With the completion of the final project “Strategic Marketing System Formulation and Implementation in Museum Sri Baduga”, the author has successfully finished her bachelor degree in School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung. The author would like to send her most sincere gratitude to the following people:

  1. Almighty God, Allah SWT, whom without His unending blessing and guidance, the author would be unable to feel the joy and magnificence of the author’s life.
  2. To the author’s family, especially Mama, Papa, Mas Ayok, Deten, and Uti, for the priceless life lessons they teach and those who always support the author in every day of her life. Without their constant support and companion, the author wouldn’t be like what she is today. Thank you.
  3. Ir. Harimukti Wandebori, MBA, the author’s counselor, for his patience and advices in making the final project as it is today. The author is grateful for all the lessons taught during the construction of the final project and she would remember those lessons in her future life.
  4. Ms. Ani Ismarini, Ms. Nita, Ms. Meilin, and other staffs in Museum Sri Baduga for their help and support in completing the research in Museum Sri Baduga. May this research be useful for the museum’s development.
  5. Tubagus Andhika Nugraha, for his unreserved, continuous love, support, and laughter. The author is blessed to have known and be loved by him.
  6. Lecturers and tutors in School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung, especially Mr. Budi Permadi Iskandar and Prof. Conrad William Watson whose insights and lessons enable the author to widen her knowledge and perspective, and Ms. Shimaditya Nuraeni and Mr. Nur Arief for their guidance in completing the final project.
  7. Wisnu Prakosa Wijaya for his patience and overflowing kindness in accompanying the author in her days at SBM; Riza Emir for his advices and jokes; Fanny Kartika for her liveliness; Bindarrani Muflikha for teaching the author on how to have strong determination and how to be grateful; Nursanthy Indah Hartini and Nadia Ratna for their quirks, discussion, and adventure in Baluran; Kevin Giarto, Mirza Malik, and Aga Sebastian Bukit for their accompaniment; Giovanny Agnes Mahami and Nadyana Faradiani Siswanto for their lively gossip and talks; and Erik Tobing and Fadhil Fahmi for their struggle with the author in completing the Final Project.
  8. To all 17 Libyan delegates of the Harvard National Model United Nations for their life-changing insights and heartwarming words. The author thank them for making the trip an unforgettable experience.
  9. The Pacifist, Mohammad Rimba Putra, Garin Alham, and Wisnu Aryo Setio, for the trip to Mercantile Athletic Club and Hong Kong University. Their intellectual jokes and half-tense-half-joking case-buildings accompanied one of the author’s milestone in her college life.
  10. Event Directorate in ITB Entrepreneurship Challenge 2013 for all the laughter and sleepless nights. The author is very grateful for her team members’ hard work in making the event a grand success.
  11. Lastly, SBM 2013 with all the chatty, fun, and loud person that colored the three years of the author’s college life. They made it bearable.

Bandung, 1 August 2013