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C: Would you rather be a vegan but see me regularly or eat meat but not see me at all?

D: Vegan

C: Kalo seldom see me but eat meat?

D: Eat meat.



(The international Mother’s Day is April 11, but Indonesia’s is Dec 22, isn’t it?)


My mom is the greatest mom in the world. Of course there are billion other people out there who argue that their mom is the greatest but….you get what I mean.

In this mother’s day, I would like to tell you why my mom is worthy of that title (and why I love her so much!)

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Today exactly marks my three months being here in the United Kingdom.

That, and the fact that I have finished my Autumn Term yesterday (and yep, currently spending Winter Break alone in campus) (and my long forgotten promise to blog at least once every week while I’m here), made me feel like I need to write something. So here goes my list of what three months living in the UK as an exchange student has taught me (non-exhaustive) (it’s a weird mix of stuffs) (really):

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My academic environment since elementary school has shaped a mind set for assignment marks acceptance:

  • 90-100: Great! You deserve that score after those sleepless hours!
  • 80-90: Good! You can do a bit better next time!
  • 70-80: It’s okay, Cahya! Promise me you’ll prepare more for next assignments!
  • 60-70: Not good. You might have just realised that this module isn’t for you. You better watch out.
  • <60: What do you think you’re doing?????? Ditch those Running Man episodes. Stop watching FOX and NatGeo. Stop buying DVDs. Use StayFocusd and block Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Kshownow. *cries under the shower*

Pretty much so. Having a different scale here in the UK, I have to adapt this mind set. I learned that:

  • <45: You’ve come a long way to be in this state, Cahya. Are you seriously going to throw this golden opportunity just like this? Come on, cheer up! Let’s go to the library.
  • 45-55: It’s okay, you can do much better later on. Promise me to at least achieve 60 next time.
  • 56-72: Not bad! Just a little more effort, you’re almost there!
  • 72-80: Good job! See, through all those insecurity and sleepless nights, you can nail this assignment!
  • 81-90: OMG Cahya I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(In case you’re wondering, yes this is partially sarcasm, partially a joke, partially reality)