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brb patah hati deh ya~


I am amazed that something which is so normal to me could be so fascinating to someone else.

Candice Kitingan  on Jakarta Globe’s “Toilets, Fanta, and Carrefour are Luxury Saved for the Haves”

“Gue ngerasa setiap kita ketemu orang, orang itu ngambil sesuatu dari diri kita. Dan itu nggak akan balik. Kita juga ngambil sesuatu dari orang itu.”
“Iya, dan diri kita sendiri terbentuk dari harapan dan refleksi orang-orang. Tanpa sadar,”
“Kita kaca.”

“Gue gak tau gue, gue merasa terdemotivasi.”
“Iya gue juga. Gue ngerasa hidup untuk hari ini aja.”

“Paling susah tau, maafin diri sendiri-”
“Dan ngehargain diri sendiri.”

“Lucu ya, gue gak tau sebenernya orang-orang kaya gimana.”
“Hah? Elaborate”
“Ya, lo ngga tau deepest and darkest thought orang-orang.”

“Rasanya gue pengen pikiran-pikiran gue keluar sama nafas-nafas gue.”
“Duh, materi WordPress banget nih.”



by Smarahakim, Alectronafelidae, and Aghniadi.

  • Don’t say that you love someone until she kisses you/
  • Do play with love – have fun with it
  • Don’t be moody with your feelings
  • Be cute together.
  • Don’t say “I’m will not scoring your English” (in reference to a certain lecturer.)
  • Don’t say “Mau jadi pacar gue gak?” It’s uncool. And mainstream.
  • Don’t say that you still care about me but don’t love me – or simply, just don’t say that you don’t love me anymore.
  • But, do say I don’t love you anymore rather than leave someone hanging on.
  • But, if you really have to say I don’t love you, be easy on him.
  • Do create Oddisey script – Romance genre – based on your own love story
  • Do realize that love is like Capital Punishment – you can be shot at, or hung. (HA!)

Sutan: Saya mau cari pacar nih.

  • Don’t care with other people’s judgment
  • Do give special treatments to the special someone
  • Don’t say aku-kamu ke semua cowok
  • Don’t address your lover with “darl”

Aghniadi: Yea. Sure. It’s so… two thousand and something

  • Don’t call each other cupcakes


  • Don’t be “over-rommated” – overrated, and over-romantic.
  • Do ask your significant-other-to-be to write stories

Cahya: THIS IS SUPER CUTE. Wow. She’s a pro.
Sutan: “I’m dealing with a pro.” – Barney-ish style

  • Do know how to deal with a pro.

I think romance is not about spending five millions for fancy gifts, nor a bouquet of roses with exquisite dinner, nor the poetic love lines exchanged in the middle of the night. It is not about the intensity of physical meeting and all that.
It’s more about the presence of your significant other; not physically, more like how that certain somebody be that figure in your life.