Monthly Archives: June 2014

Whether Google is going to be the real Skynet or the coolest company ever is an ongoing debate. It has so far discussed in my Facebook comment section, pre-dinner time, reunion, and dates.

Yup. Dates.


Andhika: Eh btw android berikutnya follows you. Whatever you do. Whatever device you use. Sooo scary

Cahya: Maksudnya?

A: Everything you do di semua devices yang powered by Google akan terhubung wkwk. It’s omnipresent

C: They dont know how my poop looks tho


C: Because they know what I eat, where I go, who I date. But poop is a natural thing, product-free. So. Poop.

A: Well if you use health monitoring devices, maybe even your poop will be known by Google

C: As far as I know I don’t use poop tracking device

A: Maybe you will one day have nanobots in your poop.